About Us

The Radiology Assistant is an initiative of the radiologist Robin Smithuis for the Radiology Society of the Netherlands to provide up-to-date radiological education for radiology residents and radiologists.

The Radiology Assistant is a non-profit organization and has an ANBI status.
Our goal is to provide education in radiology and to help medical care in South East Asia.

The free availability of this information reflects the commitment of the Radiology Assistant to provide knowledge to a wide audience.
We focus on common clinical problems in which imaging plays a major role in the management of the patient.

The subjects are presented by experts in the field.

Editorial board

Editors in chief:

  • Robin Smithuis, radiologist in the Alrijne Hospital, Leiden, the Netherlands
  • Frank Smithuis, musculoskeletal radiologist in the University Medical Center Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

English text editor:

  • Marieke Hazewinkel (left) and Jennifer Bradshaw (right).