the Radiology Assistant gets money for the iPhone- and iPad-version of the web-site.
This is all used for charity and is given to Medical Action Myanmar.

Medical Action Myanmar

Medical Action Myanmar is a new Dutch medical aid organization, whose mission it is to improve access to health care for the poorest of Myanmar people.
The initiative is from Dr Frank Smithuis, who was the director of Medecins sans Frontieres Myanmar 1994-2009.

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The driving force behind Medical Action Myanmar is Dr Frank Smithuis, a long-term veteran in health activities in Myanmar together with 3 former colleagues: Dr Khin Zarli Aye, Dr NiNi Tun and Rene Mous.
In addition, a number of health professionals, who have been involved in health activities in Myanmar are supporting MAM, including Professor Nick White of the Oxford and Mahidol University, Dr Alex Winkler who is former director of MSF Holland and currently director of Doctors for Children and Guy Stallworthy, who is former director of PSI Myanmar and currently working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.